Risky Investments: Should I Take Them?

by | Feb 29, 2020 | Advice | 0 comments

Want to earn 18%, have no risk and be tax free? There are plenty of offers out there like this.
Well, good luck. But this hook does not stop others from biting. Clients tell me, “a friend’s CPA recommended a financial planner with a sure hit investment,” why can’t you find me something similar?
I never hear the opposite – my fiend’s planner got him into an investment and it went bust. Thanks for not suggesting this for me!
Twenty five years ago, it was oil and gas partnerships. Ten years ago, stringing beads. Five years ago, no lose real estate. A couple years ago, legal settlements.

You see the pattern. People rush for high yields. The truth is, if someone is offering an investment, and the return seems too good to be true – run, real fast.
Fact: There are no surefire investments.
There is no investing without risk. Even “Not” investing has a risk – losing your money to inflation.
What should you do?
Get a referral for a Financial Planner, Stock Broker, or Investment Advisor from your CPA, a trusted relative, or a business associate. Meet with them and get to know them before trusting them with your hard earned portfolio. Spread your investments into multiple types of investments. Meet with them at least annually to review the performance of your portfolio and perhaps re-balance it.
If you need advice or referral, give me a call. With over 30 years experience in the business, I can help.